Training courses for enterprises and energy consultants

At The Energy School, we have a good reason to wake up and come to work every day: we are committed to making energy efficiency come true by training people and enterprises on how to improve and work in this field and establishing a community of brave minds. It's a huge task. But we will not stop till we get there: resilient till the end

The Energy School is a new project started by young people with different nationalities who are aware of the huge impact that energy efficiency will have on our lives and on our future. We like dreaming out loud and we are constantly striving for our customers’ success. This is the Energy School we want to be. Transparent. Open-minded. A garden in which we keep growing new ideas.

We trust in our people’s know-how: Our team consists of creative guys and geeks with different professional backgrounds and hobbies ranging from sailing to knitting. But one thing we all have in common: we are passionate about our work and energy efficiency.


Is a mechanical engineer and has collected many experiences in energy efficiency through his engagement in various projects, seminars and workshops. He is the competence centre of The Energy School: Solving tricky tasks and developing new ideas is his passion.


Is a young engineer specialized in industrial production and he has gained extensive international experience in many countries. He is passionate about energy efficiency and web contents. Music is his secret love.


has a business background and a great interest for sustainability and energy efficiency since a young age. Travelling, developing new concepts or engaging herself in various projects is her zeal and commitment.