Customized training solutions

The Energy School provides customized training solutions for companies, energy consultants and ESCOs to increase their know-how and to promote exchange of ideas and experience between like-minded people.
Thanks to close collaboration with international guest trainers and reviews by a scientific committee, both economic accuracy and scientific merit guarantee a high-quality training experience and an accelerated learning progress.

The courses have been designed to ensure incremental growth with the purpose of acquiring all skills in a gradual manner. As we want to provide you with long-lasting and comprehensive solutions, we offer advanced courses for participants who have completed our earlier courses.

The courses will increase your knowledge of topics such as:

  • Energy management
  • Energy auditing
  • Energy budgeting

Help you to approach questions on how to:
  • Implement a suitable energy management system
  • Evaluate an organization’s energy management maturity

Fill out the form and indicate which course you are interested in and where it should take place. We are happy to organize a course in your area as soon as we have received a sufficient number of requests.

We can also arrange a tailor-made course by an experienced business professional at your preferred location (due to the expense we normally recommend a minimum number of 6 participants).

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